Remote Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring = Peace Of Mind

Remote Monitoring

Our Monitoring

We monitor your entire IT infrastructure to ensure systems, applications, services, and business processes are functioning correctly. In the event of a failure, it will alert our technical staff of the problem, allowing them to begin remediation processes before outages affect business processes, end-users, or customers. With our monitoring solution you'll never be left having to explain why an unseen infrastructure outage hurt your organization's bottom line.

The cost of carelessness

A company without any monitoring system in place learns about server problems only when employees or customers start complaining. For most companies, communications technology is absolutely vital, and a disruption in service can be a huge financial liability. Some of the costs of downtime are obvious, including pricey IT man-hours spent fixing the problem and lost efficiency from employees who don't have the tools necessary to do their jobs. Others are less tangible, but no less real, including loss of morale, distrust in the organization's IT department, and damage to the company's reputation with customers.

Size doesn’t matter.

Every business is cost intolerant. Downtime costs money, sometimes a lot of money. It is fai rto say that large companies sometimes move so slowly that any downtime might not visibly effect their bottom line. On the other hand, small businesses (SMB’s) and fast-moving companies can have their profit margin completely wiped out by a severe incident.

Using our remote monitoring platform we can:-

  • Monitor your entire IT infrastructure
  • Spot problems before they occur
  • Know immediately when problems arise
  • Share availability data with stakeholders
  • Detect security breaches
  • Reduce downtime and business losses

Our remote monitoring service makes up 1 section of the Turtle Total Support solution which is a powerful, yet simple support package, great for Small Businesses working with a limited budget.

A Word From Our Clients

"When we first started our business we were looking for a company that would offer us a website that best suited our needs, Blowfish Technology gave this to us. Since then, we have had numerous comments from new and existing customers as to the quality of our website. We would highly recommend them to anybody looking to place their business with a company that can offer a complete service, who care and also understand the client’s needs."

Martin Powell, Director, Oil & Water Management Ltd

"I have been dealing with Graham Palfreyman of Blowfish Technology for a couple of years now and have found his help and advice in setting up and maintaining our company website to be invaluable. From design to implementation, everything was handled in a professional and prompt manner, and any subsequent changes have been dealt with very quickly. We now receive regular referrals and new business as a direct result of our website.."

Gary Radcliffe, Director, CJT Financial Planning Ltd

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